Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Posted on: March 14th, 2018 by Audrey Allan


  • Intramural dodge-ball today at 11:50 Spooky Tree Sharks vs Rocky Balboas and 12:10 Loose Cannons vs Currie’s Crushers.


  • Today is a go, but the buses will be at Colonel Gray for transport to the Delta at 1pm, instead of 12pm.
    PLEASE spread the word.  Here is the schedule for the afternoon.
    If you have uniform issues, please see me, or Dr. Strum sometime this morning.
    Here is Wednesday’s Schedule:
    1:50 – QC 9
    2:20 – Gray 10
    2:55 – Bluefield 10-12
    3:30 – Gray 11-12
    It would be great if the grade 10s stayed an supported the 11/12s if they can.
    Parents will be responsible for picking up students.


  • Environmental Club today in Mr. B’s room 215, Everyone is Welcome!


  • Students are reminded that you asked are not to park your vehicle in the staff parking lot.
  • There will be a bouncy house bungee run set up in the gym over lunch on Thursday. Bring all your friends to compete for St. Patrick’s day themed prizes. Check Colonel Gray instagram or facebook for more information!

Student Services:

  • Any students interested in applying for the RBC Award are reminded that applications must be in to Mr. Peterson by Monday. Drop into Student Services for details.
  • A team of educators and community members are organizing a March Break Camp for Junior High students in Charlottetown using various art forms with the Moral Empowerment framework.  High school student volunteers are required, with training provided, as well as given credit for the hours worked through the Community Service Bursary.  Interested Colonel Gray students should check the Job Postings bulletin board in Student Services.

Teachers, today is a supervision day 4.

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