Thursday September 12, 2019

Posted on: September 12th, 2019 by Audrey Allan


  • AAA Men’s Soccer will have their final try out today at 3:30 at Co-Op field. A Men’s soccer will have their first try out today at 3:30 at Colonel Gray field.
  • Athletes traveling this weekend are reminded that in order to go their permission fees and athletic fees need to be paid. Any issues, please see Mrs. Lindsay.
  • Tomorrow night will be Colonel Gray night at UPEI athletics. Students, staff & their families are invited to attend men’s hockey at 7pm, women’s soccer at 5, and/or men’s soccer at 7:15. Wear Colonel Gray clothing, show your student ID or identify yourselves as belonging with Colonel Gray to receive free admission. Hope to see lots of Colonels in the stands!


  • The Red Cross Club will meet today at 12 in room 117.
  • 1st Terry Fox Meeting for all students Friday at 11:40 in room 138


  • The Privateers Football Club are seeking new players to join our 2019 Tackle team! Athletes in Grades 10 through 12 are encouraged to meet us at the Longworth Football Field near Pizza Delight 1911 location on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 5PM to 7PM. The season starts now!
  • Those interested in doing some volunteering  in the library or working towards their Coles Scholarship There will be a meeting in the Library Friday at 12 in room 112.
  • Anyone interested in joining the Colonel Gray Film Making Club should go to room 103 on Friday at lunch. Film Making Club is a great chance for anyone interested in making videos films or movies to learn the basics, and hopefully get some hands on experience. All welcome. See Mr. Weale for more details.
  • Casting Call: We are looking for a student to be our new announcer for the year. You need to have a confident and energized voice, and be available to read the daily announcements. Interested candidates can come to an audition this Friday in Room 214 at 11:50.
  • The debit machine is not working in the cafeteria, cash only!

For bussing please go to the PSB website click on Parents & Students, scroll down to Zoning & Transportation, click on Transportation Eligibility, put your home address in the boxes, pick your city, grade and hit submit.

Teachers, today is a supervision day 6.


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