Rules and regulations

This has been and will continue to be one of the leading instrumental programs in the entire country.  The standards are high but accessible to all young musicians, as long as they consistently put effort into this fine and noble art of making music together.


  • In order to travel and perform with our school bands, you must be committed to practicing on a regular basis.
  • Attendance at rehearsals is mandatory for all students.
  • Students that do not attend rehearsals on a regular basis will not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, including school trips.
  • If a student misses 4 rehearsals, they will be asked to leave the band for the remainder of the semester and are more than welcome to return the following semester.
  • When a student is not taking a band class due to their schedule or circumstance, they are required to do 2 practice times (20 minutes each) a week.
  • Sometimes exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances and it is up to the discretion of the music director. All decisions are final.


  • A band only sounds as good as its least prepared members.
  • You should prepare all of your parts ahead of time.
  • Please see your principal instrumentalist or band director if you need assistance.
  • Unprepared musicians may be asked to leave and learn their parts.
  • We practice on the honor system at this school.
  • Some students need more time to practice than others. However, each student is expected to practice 20 minutes daily.
  • If students participate in a sectional with their principal, this counts as a practice session.
  • Students will have their own log book in order to keep track of time.
  • Instruments must go home on the weekend.
  • This system of requiring everyone to practice is why our bands are consistently the best!


  • This department is about a culture of respect.
  • Proper language, behaviour, and deportment is a must at all times.

Principal Instrumentalists

  • Each section will be led by a principal instrumentalist.
  • Principals will help with the distribution of music to their particular section.
  • Principals will lead sectionals when they are scheduled.
  • This is a student leadership position that is appointed by the director.
  • The position may be challenged through audition.

IB Students

  • All IB student are welcome to continue with Concert Band in grade 11 and 12, as long as they have taken MUS421A and they must put in practice hours outside of regular rehearsals.
  • For IB students to stay in band (including using a school instrument and attending trips), they have to have excellent attendance (no more than 4 absences per semester) for all morning rehearsals and learn all of the music independently.
  • Failure to comply would result in a removal from the senior band.
  • Extra musical assignments will be given at the discretion of the music director.