Monday, September 18, 2017

Posted on: September 18th, 2017 by Audrey Allan
  • KEY Club will meet in room 140 at 11:40. All are welcome.
  • There will be No Golf Meeting today.
  • Free the Children meeting on Thursday.
  • Welcoming Committee meeting tomorrow at lunch, everyone is welcome!
  • Math Club meeting tomorrow at lunch in room 244. Please come join us if you want to improve your mathematical problem solving skills.
  • Have you saved a life today? The kick-off meeting for the new Colonel Gray Red Cross Club will be held this Wednesday in room 230. All students are invited to attend and cookies will be provided…see you there!
  • Meet our teams in the cafeteria at lunch today and get ready to cheer at the games against the Rural.
  • Today is a big day in Athletics with 6 of our fall sport seasons kicking off.
    AAA men and women’s soccer host Rural at 5
    A mens soccer plays at Rural at 5
    Women’s volleyball hosts Rural at 5, and men’s volleyball hosts Rural at 7
    Women’s field hockey host Rural on the Cornwall turf at 3:40.
  • Tuesday is an open meeting for all students wanting to participate in student council, come to room 213 at 11:45 if you want to join council.
  • Good luck to all of our teams and a reminder that ALL forms must be in to Mrs. Lindsay or your coach before you’re allowed to play today.
  • The Battle at Brookvale was a great success on Saturday, with our teams bringing home both banners. Congratulations to Nick Robertson who set a new course record of 18:10.

Teachers, today is a supervision day 2.

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