Monday February 3, 2020

Posted on: February 3rd, 2020 by Audrey Allan




  • Turnaround day will be tomorrow, Tuesday February 4th.               (NO CLASSES FOR STUDENTS)
  • The Gym and Wellness Center will be closed to students for today and tomorrow!
  • A reminder to all students: Your current Block A teacher is the person to whom you return your LOCK at the END of the school year.
    You may have a new block A teacher in second semester, but your locker assignment stays the same.
    A reminder that locker areas (and hallways) are to remain very quiet during exam week.
  • The cafeteria is trying to cut down on plastic usage, if you bring your food from home could you please bring your own cutlery and condiments.

Student Services:

Teachers, today is a supervision day 5.

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