Monday, December 14, 2015

Posted on: December 14th, 2015 by Audrey Allan
  • Tickets for Wednesday’s semi-formal Christmas Dance are now available through your Block A teacher. You can only get the tickets today, tomorrow and Wednesday. The cost for a ticket for this 7:30-10:30 dance is $5. A reminder that the tickets are NOT going to be available at the door. Tickets for Sign-in guests (1 per student) must be purchased through the block A teacher as well.  Don’t be disappointed…..get your tickets right away!!!!
  • There will be a Dalhousie Pharmacy/Medical Student in Student Services on Monday at 11:40.  Please drop by if you’d like to talk about these two areas of study to an actual student.
  • The Rotary Exchange Program has extended it’s deadline until December 16th.  There is one spot remaining for next year.  If you are interested, see Mr. Peterson for details.
  • Cafeteria specials today are Lasagna with caesar salad, chicken fingers & fries or cheeseburger pizza & fries $5.10

Teachers, today is a supervision day 4.

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