Education Foundation

The Colonel Gray Education Foundation was established as a charitable Foundation under provincial law in 1994. The Foundation’s mission statement is “to recognize and promote excellence in all aspects of life at Colonel Gray High School” by providing achievement awards, scholarships, and funding for special projects. A major task of the Foundation is to raise and administer funds in support of these goals.

“Would you like to contribute funds to support Colonel Gray student achievement awards, scholarships and funding for special projects?”

View or download a Colonel Gray Education Foundation Brochure

Colonel Gray Education Foundation Members for 2018-19:
Rob MacBain (Chair)
Shayne Connolly (Vice Chair)
Tricia Mossey (Treasurer)
Patricia Williams (Secretary)

Inge Dorsey
Bob Gollaher
Sean Hickey
Rob Lantz
Todd MacKay
Kim MacKenzie
Joanne McGinn
Stephanie Rainnie
Karen Rose

Teddy Robbins (Student Council)
Charla Currie (Teacher)
Rob Deacon (Teacher)
Dominique Lecours (Principal) Ex-officio

The Foundation is encouraging former students who gather for a class reunion to consider making a donation or providing funds in support of the achievement awards, scholarships, or a special project. If you would like more information please contact any of the Foundation Directors listed or please contact the school at 902 368-6860.

Every year the Colonel Gray Education Foundation seeks new funds from members of the school alumni and the community. These funds provide opportunities for students to continue with post-secondary education and to recognize their pursuit of excellence during the high school years.

Gifts of any amount, either one-time or annual donations are greatly appreciated. A tax receipt will be provided for your donation. Many of the student awards are the result from gifts from individuals, families, organizations or businesses that contribute funds each year. Contributions can be used toward existing awards or for the creation of new awards.

If you would like to inquire about or contribute to the Foundation, please contact the school or any Director of the Colonel Gray Education Foundation. The phone number for Colonel Gray High School is 902 368-6860.

Thank you for your consideration,

Dominique Lecours

Principal, Colonel Gray High School