Welcome to the official Colonel Gray Music Department website!

This organization is under the direction of Shawn Doiron, who also conducts the Senior Concert Band (Gr. 11/12), the R and B Band, The Little Big Band, and the Senior Jazz Band.  Dr. Nicole Strum will be instructing the Gr. 10 class as well as the Grade 10 concert band. Mr. Rowan Fitzgerald is also a sessional coach for jazz improvisation.

This website was launched in May 2010, and revamped the summer of 2015 by Ross Evans and is currently maintained by Ben Hutchings.

All pertinent updates for students will be delivered by the Google Classroom Page for students, while updates for parents will be by email.

Please check back often to read about recent and future events, and invite any past students to come and listen to their memories or check them out yourself! If you have any suggestions or contributions you would like to make for this website or the archives, please check the contact page.