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Dominique Lecours

Vice Principals

Rosemary Fleming – Registration and Student Programs; Student Services Pod team leader

Dale Cole – Student Services Pod team leader

Deneen Gallant-Norring – Student Services Pod team leader

Administrative Support

Valerie Inman – Student Services – Transcript Requests

Audrey Allan – Main office – Accounting

Karen Tsistinas – Main office – Registration

Student Services  Team – Student Services Support Teams _ The Pods

Gordie Cox – School Counselor

Julie McCabe – School Counselor

Mike Peterson – School Counselor

Tyler Larter – Youth Worker

Tim Keizer – School Resource Officer

Shelly Mann – Special Education

Amanda Spidel – Special Education – on leave for 2016-2017

Tobey Kielly – Special Education

Program Coordinators

Lori Ronahan – International Baccalaureate Coordinator

Kevin MacLeod – Academy Diploma Programs Coordinator

Department Heads

Jackie Cutcliffe – English

Rob MacAdam – Social Studies

Suzzane Lee – Math

Hadley Sealy – Science

Deneen Gallant-Norring – French

TBD – Career Technical Education

Staff Name email address Code Homeroom
Enes Alisic ALIE ALIE
Denise Arbing ARBD ARBD
Jean-Louis Arsenault jlarsenault@edu.p… ARSJ ARSJ
Thane Arsenault twarsenault@edu.p… ARST ARST
Kim Barrett BARK BARK
Lon Bechervaise lbbechervaise@edu… BECL BECL
Aivars Berzins BERA BERA
Barbara Bovaird BOVB BOVB
Mary Beth Bradley BRAM BRAM
Corinne Chappell CHAC CHAC
Sarah Charlton CHAS CHAS
Gary Connelly CONG CONG
Erin Costello COSE COSE
Sherry Covey COVS COVS
Gordie Cox COXG COXG
Nora Cummins CUMN CUMN
Charla Currie CURC CURC
Shirlee Curtis CURS CURS
Jackie Cutcliffe jecutcliffe@edu.p… CUTJ CUTJ
Kirk Cutcliffe krcutcliffe@edu.p… CUTK CUTK
Rob Deacon DEAR DEAR
Alden DeRoche DERA DERA
Trevor Dodds DODT DODT
Shawn Doiron DOIS DOIS
Alex Field FIEA FIEA
Deborah Hutchings dkhutchings@edu.p… HUTD HUTD
Roger Jabbour JABR JABR
Tobey Kielly KIET KIET
Melanie Labelle LABM LABM
Suzanne Lee LEES LEES
Scott MacCormack sjmaccormack@edu…. MCOS MCOS
Angie MacCorquodale ammaccorquodale@e… MCOA MCOA
Jeff MacDonald jkmacdonald@edu.p… MDOJ MDOJ
Rob MacDonald rxmacdonald@edu.p… MDOR MDOR
Andrew MacDougald almacdougald@edu…. MDUA MDUA
Blair MacEwen MEWB MEWB
Kevin MacLeod MCLK MCLK
Shelly Mann MANS MANS
Julie McCabe MCCJ MCCJ
Lee Ann Mitchell MITL MITL
Susan Joy Nowe NOWS NOWS
Kelly O’Connell OCOK OCOK
Michael Peterson PETM PETM
Andrew Petrie PETA PETA
Donna Profit PROD PROD
Jarmo Puiras PUIJ PUIJ
Hadley Sealy SEAH SEAH
Jessica Sheppard SHEJ SHEJ
Amanda Spidel SPIA SPIA
Reagh Vidito VIDR VIDR
Mary Alisha Whalley WHAM WHAM
Nora Wotton WOTN WOTN


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