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By James L. Gole and William C. Stwalley, (Eds.)

content material: digital constitution and spectra of sunshine alkali diatomic molecules and their molecular cations / D.D. Konowalow and M.E. Rosenkrantz --
Selective photolysis and photoionization of alkali steel dimers / C.B. Collins, F.W. Lee, P.A. Vicharelli, D. Popescu, and that i. Popescu --
Emission and absorption spectroscopy of excessive strain sodium discharges / J.P. Woerdman and J.J. De Groot --
Photoabsorption measurements of atomic and molecular potassium / C.Y.R. Wu --
interplay among Cs*(7S, 5D₅/₂) and infrequent gasoline atoms / B. Sayer, M. Ferray, J.P. Visticot, and J. Lozingot --
Numerical version for the impact of a spatial temperature gradient on chemical reactions in a Knudsen gasoline / J.P. Woerdman, S.S. Eskildsen, and W.J.J. Rey --
ESR of desk bound and pseudorotating alkali trimer molecules / D.M. Lindsay, Denise Garland, Frances Tischler, and G.A. Thompson --
practise, digital spectra, and ionization of steel clusters / E. Schumacher, W.H. Gerber, H.-P. Harri, M. Hofmann, and E. Scholl --
Energetics of small steel clusters / K.A. Gingerich --
Bound-free transitions in weakly sure steel aggregates / J.L. Gole and G.J. eco-friendly --
Resonance Raman spectroscopy of small steel clusters / M. Moskovits and D.P. Di Lella --
digital constitution of small team IA and IB steel clusters / Steven C. Richtsmeier, Robert A. Eades, David A. Dixon, and James L. Gole --
Statistical mechanical prediction of entropies and unfastened power features for small clusters of atoms / D.J. Frurip, M. Blander, and C. Chatillon --
Laser fluorescence spectroscopy of molecular molybdenum remoted in infrequent fuel matrices / M.J. Pellin, T. Foosnaes, and D.M. Gruen --
Magnetic round dichroism of steel atoms and dimers : copper and lead / Kyle Zeringue, Jalal Shakhs Emampour, and Martin Vala --
Ionic-covalent interactions in alkali hydrides / Sze-Cheng Yang and William C. Stwalley --
Cesium hydride formation from Cs(7P) and H₂ interactions / B. Sayer, M. Ferray, J. Lozingot, and J. Berlande --
Thermochemistry of the dimer lithium hydride molecule Li₂H₂(g) / C.H. Wu and H.R. Ihle --
Photoionization and photoelectron spectroscopy of alkali halide monomers, dimers, and trimers / J. Berkowitz, C.H. Batson, and G.L. Goodman --
electrical dipole polarizabilities of alkali halide dimers / R. Kremens, B. Jaduszliwer, B. Bederson, and J.A.D. Stockdale --
Vibrational spectroscopy of extreme temperature metal-halide vapor complexes / G.N. Papatheodorou --
Matrix isolation reviews of alkali halide salt molecules with Lewis acids and bases / Bruce S. Ault --
digital absorption spectroscopy of aluminum steel atom hydration items remoted in infrequent fuel matrices at 15 ok / M.A. Douglas, R.H. Hauge, and J.L. Margrave --
IR matrix isolation stories of crew IVA metals with water / J.W. Kauffman, R.H. Hauge, and J.L. Margrave --
Matrix isolation IR reviews of steel atom-water reactions / R.H. Hauge, J.W. Kauffman, L. Fredin, and J.L. Margrave --
idea of steel atom-water interactions and alkali halide dimers / Kenneth D. Jordan and Henry A. Kurtz --
review of alkali steel vapor purposes / William C. Stwalley, Mark E. Koch, and K.K. Verma --
Physics and chemistry of excessive strain sodium lamps / R.J. Zollweg --
Physics and chemistry of cesium thermionic converters / E.J. Britt --
Plasma formation in alkali steel vapors by means of quasi-resonant laser excitation / Andrew C. Tam --
Optically pumped alkali molecule lasers / B. Wellegehausen --
actual reviews of optically pumped dimer lasers / C.N. Man-Pichot and A. Brillet --
Use of lithium in fusion reactors / J.A. Blink, O.H. Krikorian, and N.J. Hoffman --
Alkali vapor delivery in coal conversion and combustion platforms / J.W. Hastie, E.R. Plante, and D.W. Bonnell --
reports of alkali phosphate and phosphorus chemistry very important to magnetohydrodynamics combustion / A. Freedman, J.C. Wormhoudt, and C.E. Kolb.

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